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High School Course Catalog

Dear Student,

You are about to begin four of the most memorable years of your life. We want to make sure these memories are filled with an abundance of learning, life-long friendships, personal growth, career knowledge, and goal setting. As you begin your first year in high school, please remember that you have a support system of teachers and administrators to help you make great strides, find success in the most difficult tasks, and enjoy this wonderful experience! We are available to assist you with academic and personal issues as well as to address your concerns about life after high school. We hope to make your transition to high school a smooth and enjoyable one. This High School Course Catalog and Planning Guide has been designed especially for you. It contains information essential for you to know as a new high school student at Pinnacle Classical Academy. Read it, take notes, highlight important details, and refer to it throughout the school year.

We wish you the best of luck!

Dr. Shelly Shope