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Volunteer at PCA

On behalf of the students and teachers at Pinnacle Classical Academy, thank you for your willingness to volunteer. Your service will be beneficial to the school’s programs and rewarding for you knowing that you have contributed to making the school day better than it would be without your volunteer service.

Parent Volunteers

All parents who work with children independently and/or cover teachers' classrooms for lunch, go on field trips, etc. need to have a background check completed. The Board has approved that background checks are good indefinitely - at the discretion of the Headmaster. If you have had a background check completed at any point while your child has been a student at Pinnacle, then you do NOT need to have another background check completed unless an issue arises. Parents are responsible for the $10 fee for the background check. Please turn in money and completed form (below) to the main office.

Education Professionals and/or Law Enforcement Officials

Any educational professional employed by a school and/or university or any law enforcement official will not be required to have a background check in order to work with students. Also, if an educational professional or law enforcement official has been retired three (3) years or less, they will not be required to have a background check until after three years of retirement from that system.

Please complete the forms below and return to the school’s office. You will be contacted to discuss joining the volunteer team.